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Lifetime Therapies

We’re aware of the special challenges facing those who have undergone spinal fusion and have multiple therapies that can be used in combination to relieve pain, facilitate functionality and reduce the risk of future injuries. Heat and cold therapies offer pain relief and advanced methods that include ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation may be utilized.

Gentle exercise programs that include yoga and clinical Pilates are essential and effective for building strength, stability and endurance. At-home exercise programs keep patients mobile and ensure no progress is lost between clinic visits.

Our therapists provide guidance on new ways to move and accomplish tasks, along with instruction with a variety of mobility aids ranging from canes to motorized conveyances. They provide advice on ergonomic and environmental changes that can be made to reduce the risk of injuries and improve quality of life.

As patients recover, weight gain, sore muscles and depression may be considerations that can be alleviated with therapeutic massage. It’s beneficial before and after therapy sessions to loosen and prepare the body for exercise and to relax the body afterward. It aids in restorative sleep, elevates mood and helps with depression. Massage stimulates the immune system and circulation for healing.

Different therapies are used at specific junctures of recovery. We add more dynamic movements, low-impact aerobics for conditioning, and may incorporate aquatic therapy. There’s no need for patients to fear physical motion after spinal fusion. Our physical therapists provide individuals with the right therapies to address their needs at every stage of their recovery and throughout their lifetime.

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