The Cause and the Solution

Diagnosing the cause and location of back pain can be a complicated process. Pain can be immediate, appear after rising the next morning, or cause problems weeks or months later. Pain can be sharp, dull or chronic, constant or fleeting. It can be an indication of a degenerative disease or minor injury that’s escalated in severity.

Doctor explains a CT scan of the spine to his senior patient.

Many individuals believe the pain will go away on its own and don’t seek treatment, an approach that can result in additional damage. A person’s first reaction to pain is to limit activity, but not moving leads to further pain, stiffness and aggravates the underlying problem.

A physical therapist has the knowledge and expertise to render a diagnosis and prescribe therapies that foster safe movement without causing further pain or damage to nerves, joints and soft tissues. A physical therapist knows which methods and techniques to use for specific causes of back pain and rehabilitation.

People with chronic back pain and degenerative diseases affecting the spine often suffer from depression. Physical therapy is beneficial for addressing both the physical and psychological factors involved with back pain.Physical therapies aren’t limited to treating injuries after they happen. They’re effective as preventative measures that keep the spine aligned and working correctly.

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