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Physical Therapy and Post COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 is spreading at a fast rate and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the elderly and people who have underlying health conditions are at risk. The lockdown and social distancing measures have pushed people into a sedentary lifestyle. The result is limited functional capacity, deconditioning, and increased susceptibility to chronic ailments.

During this pandemic period, we should focus on getting you and your loved ones back to your normal life as safely as possible.

We want to help you to become active again

Most people have been affected by COVID-19 while others are affected indirectly through the effects of social distancing and a sedentary lifestyle. We have created the following measures to help you recover:

Post-Acute COVID-19 Rehabilitation: COVID-19 symptoms range from mild to severe. Patients who have recovered and have been discharged may still experience fatigue, find it difficult to breathe, and experience weakness and pain. These reduce the quality of life and also cause some prolonged complications. Studies also suggest that there may be a high risk of kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke among COVID-19 survivors.

Presently, researchers are yet to uncover the long-term implications of SARS-CoV-2. However, the implications resulting from acute respiratory distress syndrome have shown the importance of establishing early recovery and intervention exercise programs. Doing so will mitigate the risks associated with ARDS and will help with Post COVID-19 recovery including physical function, respiratory function, emotional well-being, and strength.

Deconditioning: Our clinic can address the inconvenience associated with deconditioning and inactivity. Due to the prolonged sedentary lifestyle associated with the COVID-19 lockdown and lack of maintenance and preventative services, most people have decreased their aerobic activity.

Symptoms of chronic ailments may be caused by inactivity and stress, thus increasing the risk of pain, falls, depression, and low quality of life.

We have designed unique recovery programs that will prevent chronic complications, hasten your recovery, and help you get back to your life.

Your Health is of utmost importance

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For COVID-19 survivors, after discharge, they still need skilled therapy services to deal with conditions like muscle wasting, fatigue, endurance, depression, and pain. Our therapy services are geared towards tolerance to activity, gait speed, breathing patterns, oxygen saturation rates, pulmonary functions, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, physical activity maintains or improves muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness, bone health, and minimize your risk of cognitive decline, depression, and chronic diseases.

Post COVID-19 therapy programs at our facility are fully customized. We design these programs according to the individual needs of each patient. Visit us today – we are eager to assist you to get back on your feet!

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