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About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones, affects over 28 million Americas. Women are four times more likely then men to develop this disease that can lead to fractures, loss of height and deformity according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Physical therapy is an important adjunct in the management of osteoporosis.

Your physical therapist can instruct you in safe proper exercise to help build and maintain bone density and prevent fractures. Exercise can also help patients maintain an erect posture, preventing the kyphosis or rounded back posture that commonly occurs when vertebra fracture. Exercise also helps increase muscle strength and improves balance, helping to prevent falls.

Your physical therapist will also instruct you in correct body mechanics and correct lifting techniques to prevent fractures and maintain good posture. If a fracture does occur, your physical therapist can help you manage pain with gentle manual therapy (massage techniques) and modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation.