Fostering Straight Spines

We offer a wide variety of therapies to treat back pain, prevent injuries and maintain a healthy spine. Proper alignment of the spine enables the body to work as it was intended and allows for a greater range of motion. Therapies are effective for existing and prior injuries, chronic disease and degenerative conditions.

Doctor explains a CT scan of the spine to his senior patient.

We may use lumbar traction, manual manipulation and therapeutic massage to loosen knotted muscles, improve flexibility and manage pain. Heat and cold, ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapies enhance mobility and relieve inflammation. Aquatic therapy may be used to reduce stress on the entire body that makes movement easier. It’s particularly beneficial for those with neurological and arthritic conditions.

Our therapists provide patients with advice on lifestyle changes, equipment and tools that reduce the risk of injuries and footwear appropriate to specific uses. A gait assessment provides valuable information about habits and body positioning that contributes to back pain and customized orthotic devices may be prescribed. Therapists also provide information on pillows, mattresses and sleep positions that foster spinal alignment.

Gentle and effective treatment relieves pain and maintains the spine. Our exercise programs can be combined with therapeutic massage before or after sessions to address pain and depression, tight muscles and accelerate healing. Our therapists provide patients with information to address current injuries and avoid future incidents. They offer valuable education on proper lifting, moving and bending techniques.

We have multiple techniques and technology to help patients with back pain stemming from any source. Preventative therapies keep spines correctly aligned to mitigate injuries and pain, treat chronic conditions, and maintain correct posture.

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