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Child Injury Prevention with Physical Therapy

As children develop and explore their environment, they’re subject to a wide variety of injuries. Some of those wounds and injuries can be serious and even have life-changing effects. Physical therapy offers the means for parents and caregivers to reduce

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TMJ Management Thru Physical Therapy

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is what connects the bottom jaw to the skull. The joint is a hinge that makes it possible to eat and speak, but it can be subject to pain and inflammation from multiple sources. It’s a

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How Physical Therapy Helps Before your Surgery

Most people think of physical therapy in regard to rehabilitation following surgery, but it’s also beneficial for preparing the body to undergo a surgical procedure. It’s effective for aiding in quicker recovery times, decreasing the potential for complications, and reducing

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Physical Therapists and their Patients During COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely disrupted our way of living. Going out, spending time with friends and even something as simple as going to the grocery store has become a hazard. Unfortunately, many people’s health has suffered. Many people are not able

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Exercise Revolution through the Years

Did you know that we become less active as we age? Over the past 30 years, people are living longer than they ever did before, and with the population growing older, age-related changes in health are more apparent. The Surgeon

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